We’re eDeva, a global activewear and lifestyle brand for women

In the eDeva team, we see our mission as supporting the modern individual in taking care of a full and active life. With our products, we want to support a lifestyle where health care is intertwined with everyday obligations and ambitions. We understand the individual who does not see sports activity, and relaxation as some additional project that they have to carry out in parallel with work or business. We support the idea that an individual consciously chooses health at every step, and thus health care is simply a part of their life. With the carefully selected products offered by our online store, the customer will improve their quality of life, as our products will become their daily companions. Sustainability is also important to us in business. Our textile products are very durable and long-lasting. In addition and above all, our tops and leggings are really very comfortable, ideal for exercise, as they breathe with you. But since they are in pastel and other soft tones, they are also suitable for the workplace or for a coffee in the nearest bar. In addition to being indispensable for exercise and outdoor activities, they are also suitable for leisure and work. With carefully selected products, eDeva helps you to slow down the pace of life, as you gain more free time with versatile and practical products. In addition, with multi-purpose pieces, you also save money and contribute to the preservation of our environment.


We 100% believe in every product you can find in our online store, because your body deserves only the best!


We strive for high quality in production, which means selecting only the best materials and working conditions.